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100% All Natural
£ 18.99
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72 vege capsules
Vitamin B6 10mg
Chromium Picolinate 50mg
African Mango (from extract) 300mg
Green Tea (from extract, 99% Poly.) 250mg
Acai Berry (from extract) 180mg
Capsicum (from extract) 160mg
Cinnamon (from extract) 100mg
Vegetable Cellulose Capsule 90mg
L-Tyrosine (vege sourced) 70mg
Guarana (from extract, 22% caffeine) 60mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 45mg
Raspberry Ketones
Siberian Ginseng (from extract) 25mg
Kelp (from extract) 20mg
Apple Cider Vinegar powder 8mg
Piperine (95%) 2mg
Flavouring: citrus aurantium
(from extract)

USAGE GUIDELINES: Take 1 or 2 capsules, 3 times daily with water. Take on an empty stomach, 30 to 60 minutes before food or exercise. Take for 6 days in a row - no capsules on day 7.

First-time users: Take only half the number of capsules for the first 4 days. Contains caffeine and natural stimulants. Reduce dose or take with food if nausea, nervousness,  or sleeplessness occur. Do not exceed stated recommended intake.

A food supplement  should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Long-term intakes of 60mg vitamin B6 may lead to mild tingling and numbness. Consult your doctor before taking any food supplement or changing your daily diet.

THERMOthin® is a thermogenic fat burner and our most powerful slimming formula! This new and improved version contains African mango, raspberry ketones and cinnamon, on top of our original active ingredients and fat burner herbs (such as capsicum extract, acai berry, green tea and guarana) for a powerhouse combination. Losing weight and body fat can be a slow and arduous process without the right tools. This herbal fat burner contains proven ingredients to boost the body's metabolism and maintain lean muscle mass. A concentrated combination, formulated in line with the latest in weight loss research!

THERMOtin is beneficial for

beneficial A sluggish metabolism
beneficial Internal cleanse and detox
beneficial Energy levels
beneficial Regulating appetite
beneficial Controlling cravings
beneficial Stable blood sugar levels
beneficial Dietary fibre intake
beneficial Fat breakdown (lipolysis)
beneficial Decreased fat absorption
beneficial Increased calorie burning
beneficial Insulin secretion
beneficial Thyroid gland function
beneficial Digestive system health
beneficial Nutrient intake
beneficial Cholesterol levels
beneficial Blood pressure

Vitamin B6: Required for: blood and haemoglobin formation; calcium and magnesium metabolism; conversion of glycogen to glucose (to be used as energy); energy production; metabolism of foods (protein, carbohydrates and fats); and zinc absorption. Included in this formula for energy production and as a mild diuretic.

Potassium (iodine): An essential component required for a healthy thyroid gland. It is needed by the body to keep skin, hair and nails in good condition and to maintain a healthy metabolic rate, cell metabolism (conversion of food to energy) and strong connective tissue.

Chromium (picolinate): An essential trace mineral that plays an important role in our bodies' normal carbohydrate metabolism, which converts foods we eat into sugars. Chromium helps insulin (a natural hormone that is released in response to eating carbohydrates) to properly "transport" these sugars into cells to be stored as energy. It also supports stable blood sugar levels - crucial for slimmers as high and low spikes can lead to cravings, excessive hunger and binge eating.

Bitter orange (Citrus Aurantium) extract: The powder and more powerful extract of bitter orange (and bitter orange peel) are used in dietary supplements as an aid to fat loss and as an appetite suppressant. For enhanced effectiveness, it is combined with other support herbs to boost metabolic rate and thermogenesis. Bitter orange contains the amphetamine metabolites N-methyltyramine, octopamine and synephrine. These substances are similar to ephedrine, which acts on the a1 adrenergic receptor to constrict blood vessels and increase blood pressure and heart rate, which in turn stimulates fat burning processes.

L-Tyrosine: An amino acid and a precursor of several important neurotransmitters, including l-dopa, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. These are important contributors to mood, cognitive performance as well as combating stress. L-tyrosine is also a precursor to the thyroid hormone, thyroxine (also known as T4) and supplementation may have a positive effect on thyroid hormone levels which help to contribute to an effective / increased metabolic rate.

Acai berry: The nutrients in these berries have been found useful during weight loss programmes, along with normal cholesterol level maintenance due to the high amount of antioxidants they contain. Acai berries have 15-20x the antioxidants (anthocyanins) that red grapes have. They contain a near-perfect protein and are rich in dietary fibre. They are highly nutritious and research has shown that consumption is linked to a boost in energy levels, which is also known to affect our moods. They have been included in this formula to support energy levels, nutrient intake, weight loss and internal cleansing.

Caffeine anhydrous: A powerful natural stimulant found in many foods such as tea, coffee, cola and chocolate. Used to offset hunger, appetite, boost energy levels and mental clarity. Combined with the other ingredients in this formula, it has a metabolic stimulating and mild diuretic effect.

Green tea leaf extract: Green, black and oolong teas are all derived from the same plant - amellia sinensis. Discovered over  4,000 years ago, green tea has become the supplement of choice for those seeking greater health and control over their weight. The polyphenols in this powerful tea appear to activate our bodies' thermogenic (fat burning) activities, promoting the use of calories as energy and thereby assisting our fat-fighting
efforts. These all-important polyphenols in green tea also appear to help produce “natural viral killer" immune cells, which scavenge and fight off bacteria and flush out toxins, which basically means it helps to protect our bodies from the free radicals that damage cells and weaken our immune systems. We use green tea extract, which is even more effective!

Capsicum extract (8:1): This spice is also known as cayenne, hot pepper, red pepper, chilli and chilli pepper. It has been scientifically reported that people who took hot spicy foods (i.e. added a teaspoon of red-pepper sauce
and a teaspoon of mustard to their meal) raised their metabolic rates by as much as 25% for a period of time. In other  words, it induces thermogenesis, increases energy expenditure and calorie burning. Studies also indicate that capsicum slows down the absorption of fat in the small intestine.

Guarana extract (4:1): A herb that grows within the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. It contains significant amounts of guaranine (the active constituent that is virtually identical to caffeine) and has thus been used for centuries by indigenous tribes to help reduce hunger, relieve fatigue and treat obesity. Guarana is a valuable aid for temporarily increasing energy levels. Its ability to "free" fatty acids (fat cells) into the bloodstream in order to be broken down and used up for energy makes it a natural choice for effective fat loss products. It also has a mild diuretic effect. We use an extract form of guarana, enhancing these beneficial actions.

Siberian Ginseng: This herb is considered to be an adaptogen - a substance that may help individuals to cope with physical and emotional stress. Ginseng is also widely used in eastern Asia to increase the ability to do physical work (i.e. it is used as a natural energiser). Helps to stabilise blood sugar and reduce cravings for sweets. Caution: not to be taken by people with high blood pressure.

Apple cider vinegar: This has been added as a digestive and internal cleansing aid. It is a powerful detoxifying and purifying agent. It breaks down mucous within the body and in so doing, it improves the health and function of the vital organs of the body, such as the kidneys, bladder and liver. It also prevents excessively alkaline urine. It oxidizes and thins the blood, which is important in preventing high blood pressure. It also promotes digestion, assimilation and elimination, all the while neutralising any toxic substances that enter the body. Cider vinegar has been found to neutralise harmful bacteria that may be
found in certain foods. When a mixture of cider vinegar and water is taken before a meal, it has been known to prevent digestive upsets. As well as helping you to metabolise fat, the vinegar is said to reduce your hunger and cravings and help control blood sugar and insulin levels following a carbohydrate-rich meal - it creates a feeling of fullness (called satiation).

Piperine: This is the only product sourced out of piperine to obtain a patented status for its ability to increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. Secondly, it is the only source from piperine to have undergone clinical studies in the U.S. to substantiate its safety and efficacy for nutritional use. It is included in this formula to increase the actions and effectiveness of the other ingredients.

Raspberry ketones: Raspberries in general have long been known for their health-promoting benefits, but more specifically, raspberry ketones (a natural compound and powerful fat burning hormone in these berries) can help burn body fat by: increasing lipolysis (fat breakdown); helping to increase the rate
at which calories are burned; and helping to increase fat loss as part of a balanced diet. It is also worth noting that raspberries have a molecular structure that is similar to the structure of capsaicin, a component of capsicum - see above - accounting for their powerful thermogenic properties.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is widely recognised as a metabolism booster, which assists the body in the faster burning of calories and fat stores for use as energy. It also has a regulatory effect on blood sugar levels and simultaneously increases insulin levels in the body (helping to control both the appetite and cravings). It imitates the biological activity of insulin and increases the metabolism of glucose. Since high blood sugar levels can lead to increased storage of fat by the body, cinnamon helps to prevent this, thereby facilitating weight loss. In addition, it:
•    influences the manner in which sugar is metabolised by the body and prevents the transformation of the metabolised sugar into fat;
•    delays the passing of food from the stomach into the intestine. As a result, you feel satisfied for a longer time and eat less, further assisting the weight loss process;
•    helps the body to process carbohydrates more efficiently and this supports weight loss;
•    is rich in manganese, iron, calcium and fibre. It has been used since medieval times to help with diarrhea, indigestion and bloating and supports digestive health;
•    supports healthy cholesterol levels.

African mango: This “superfruit”, indigenous to coastal west Africa, is an age-old Cameroonian bush medicine that has been used for its unique properties that help to shift fat and lower blood fat levels. The African mango, Irvingia gabonesis, is unlike other mangoes in that it produces an edible protein-rich seed. It can support healthy blood fat and glucose values, blood pressure and leptin levels. Like other soluble fibres, Irvingia gabonensis seed fibre can bind to bile acids in the gut and carry them out of the body. This can result in the lowering of blood cholesterol as well as other blood lipids. In other words, it is a high fibre food, and high fibre foods have long been known to support a healthy and balanced diet, assist with appetite control, promote a healthy metabolism and facilitate weight loss. African mango can also delays stomach emptying to help you stay fuller for longer and assist the body with the absorption of dietary sugars.

Additional Information

beneficial CONTAINS NO: ephedra, gluten, excipients, wheat, lactose, added sugar, artificial colourings or yeast
beneficial Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


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