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Autoimmune disease briefly explained

Immune System Autoimmune disease is a term which suggests that one's immune system has directed itself against its own body tissues. Some how it got confused. Initially, it may have been responding to a virus or an allergen of some sort; and when that virus or allergen got into body tissues, the immune system starts to attack and destroy the body tissue that has the virus or allergen in it.

Thus, the medical societies refer to MS as an autoimmune dysfunction  because they suppose the immune system is not in acondition to differentiate between a foreign tissue and tissue normally present in the brain and spinal cord. However, this is for from the truth. The reason the immune system became more active than normal is a logical expectation, given the fact that the foreign tissues in the vaccine have become part of the body tissue.

Therefore, the immune system attacks the nerve tissues in the brain and spinal cord, seemingly treating them as transplanted tissues, when all it is actually doing is trying to remove the foreign tissue from the body, but in its earnest and conscientious activity, it destroys the myeline tissue and interrupts the flow of life-giving energy in the body. (Remember that transplanted tissues can trigger a specific response.)

So from appearances alone, MS and a large group of other diseases that produce antibodies against your own tissues is characterized as an abnormal functioning of the immune system.

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