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Unraveling the real cause of Multiple Sclerosis

MS There are three views about the actual cause of MS. MS is said to be caused by a viral infection, hereditary or an adverse reaction to the environment.

However, the Scientific minds of the world cannot find any evidence of viral infection or any other reason for deterioration of the myeline that surround the nerve fibre.

Myeline is the white fatty (marrow like) substance that forms a medullary sheath (insulating sheath) around some nerve fibres. What makes matters worst is that these men of illustrious reputation that the world views as wise, cannot pinpoint which segment of the DNA is involved in the cause of the disease.

Vaccines plant the seeds of disease into our tissues and blood when we partake of it, and overtime when stress, polluted air, inadequate nutrition, and toxin overload because of too much haem iron and fat intake (animal protein); the body's blood pH level will be undermined as well as the overall constitution of the immune system: the way in which it is composed and function.

Hence, the immune system becomes more active than normal or displays abnormally inactive.

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