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The Underline Cause Of Heart Disease

Heart The underlining cause of high cholesterol is family history. Take, for example, the type of diet, if the diet was high in cholesterol or saturated fatty acids, the offspring would become accustom to that diet and as the saying goes, old habits die hard. So, clearly, dietary cholesterol is the main factor involed in coronary heart disease. 

Besides your own liver, cholesterol is found only in the carcase of animals that are dressed and prepared for food, and its derivatives such as milk, eggs, dairy products, and trans fatty acids. Trans fatty acid is a fatty acid that has been produced by hydrogenating or heating an unsaturated fatty acid. Thus changing its molecular structure. Trans fat is found in processed foods such as margarine and fried foods and puddings and commercially baked goods and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. 

Whenever, you eat the carcase of an animal that has been slaughtered and dressed for food, or its by-products, you increase the levels of your LDL, and the excess or unused LDLs is deposited in the inner wall of the arteries and overtime form plaque. Plaque is known to cause the most common form of arterial disease, called arteriosclerosis, which disturb the natural venous and arterial circulation that bear blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body. 

Since the heart muscle never rest it needs a constant supply of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to stay healthy. The heart get its fare share of blood, oxygen and nutrients from the coronary arteries which wrap around the outside of the heart. However, if the build up of plaque blocks any blood vessel, the heart will not be able to pump enough blood, oxygen, and nutrients to sustain normal body functions. 

Now, when there is a lack of blood, oxygen, and nutrient to the coronary arteries; it might cause an arrhythmic heartbeat, shortness of breath, and angina, which is just another name for chest pain, tightness or pressure in your chest. These are the usual symptom of ischaemia or as I call it, anaemia of the heart. How long these symptoms last depends on how much of the heart is deprived of blood, oxygen, and nutrients. Unless the indiviual change his or her lifestyle, starting with their diet, exercise, quit smoking if they do, and watch their weight, their overall health or fitness will certainly deteriorate.

The closure or blockage of the arteries may lead to coronary failure (heart attack); for without oxygen and proper nutrients the heart tissues will eventually die like any other body tissues. That is exactly what happens when a person has a heart attack. And if the blockage is in the brain it might cause apoplexy (stroke): a sudden loss of consciousness due to a lack of oxygen supply or when a blood vessel ruptures in the brain.

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