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What really cause Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes The fundamental cause of diabetes mellitus is not a low level or complete lack of the hormone insulin from the pancreas. This is just a one of the key factors that is involve in the process of the disease. The main cause of Diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2 is dietary fat (saturated fatty acids) and Free Radicals.

To understand how dietary fatty acids (saturated fatty acids) and Free Radicals cause diabetes mellitus let us look at the etymology of the word Saturation, and the chemical composition of FAT and Radicals. This means we are going to do a bit of Chemistry in order to understand what fat is.

Now the word saturation comes from the Latin word saturare, meaning to fill. The word carries with it six different meanings, and they are all based on reaching a maximum capacity. And according to my biology text book, like cholesterol and other steroids, fats fall into the lipid category.  Dietary fat molecules are mono-glyceride composed of three individual fatty acids bound together by a single glycerol, hence the term triglyceride. There are different types of fat molecules i.e. mono-glyceride or diglyceride, however, every dietary fats are triglyceride. 

Fat molecule will affect the function of the body in a positive or negative way depending on its chemical make up. It is widely known that Glycerol is the one special distinction or quality found in all dietary fats. Therefore, one can make a logical conclusion that the performance of a fat molecule and its impact on the human body relate mainly to the spatial arrangement of the fatty acids and their chemical structure. All dietary fats contain a combination of saturated, mono-unsaturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acids; but whatever portion is the greatest determines the qualification of the fatty acid.

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