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What is metabolism?

Metabolism Metabolism is all the chemical activities that go on in the body whereby small molecules builds up (Synthesise) or large molecules breaks down (decompose). The synthesis process is called anabolism and the decomposition process is called catabolism. 

All cells have things in Common. They need oxygen and food in order to metabolise. So regardless of your form of diabetes, maintaining good metabolism with the help of your health care professional is detrimental if you want to get well, instead of just managing your diabetes under your physician's care, because all cell life processes depends on metabolism.

Proper Glucose Metabolism Metabolic life processes include digestion: converting food into substances that can be absorbed into the body, and excreting the food residue, respiration: the process of taking in oxygen from inhaled air and releasing carbon dioxide by exhalation, the building up and breaking down of organic materials, motion, and the reaction to stimulation. The impairment of any of these cell activities, provides  the foundation for any kind of disorder or disease to develop.

With the aid of teeth, tongue; salivary glands (sublingual gland & duct, submandibular gland & duct, Parotid gland & duct); pharynx; oesophagus or gullet; stomach; pancreas; small intestine; colon; liver; gallbladder, rectum and anus, the digestive system completes the food metabolic process. So our digestive system needs to work properly in order for us to receive targeted delivery of nutrition from the foods we eat on a daily basis.

Blood vessels or arteries are the main transportation channel for delivering nutrients and oxygen to our entire body. in order for the arteries to accomplish this task its inside lining must have a very smooth surface. In the diagram below, the three main factors that cause diseased blood and poor circulation also contribute to the development of diabetes mellitus.

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