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100% All Natural
£ 13.99
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60 vege capsules
Pfaffia 175mg
Dong Quai 125mg
Vegetable Cellulose Capsule 90mg
Wild Yam Extract (10:1)
(Equivalent to 250mg of fresh Wild Yam)
Agnus Castus 20mg
Black Cohosh 20mg
Evening Primrose Oil 20mg
Red Clover 10mg
Sage Leaf 10mg
Siberian Ginseng 10mg

USAGE GUIDELINES: 1 or 2 capsules capsule taken 2 to 3 times per day - around 30 minutes before food. Can be combined with THERMOthin (fat burner), Acai Berry, MEALtime / Hemp Protein powder (meal replacements).

MENOstage is a combination of the most well known ‘women’s herbs’ which are proven to assist against those dreaded symptoms experienced during the menopause years.

MENOstage is beneficial for

beneficial The Menopause and associated symptoms such as...
beneficial Hot flushes
beneficial Night sweats
beneficial Menopausal irritability
beneficial Also suitable for most young women experiencing irregular or difficult monthly cycles

Pffafia: Pfaffia paniculata. A herb from the Brazilian rain forest. Also known as Suma, Brazilian ginseng, para toda, corango-acu. Para Toda, the Portuguese term, apparently means "for everything."
It is widely used as an adaptogen with many applications (much as "regular" ginseng). The indigenous peoples of the Amazon region have used suma root for generations for a wide variety of health purposes, including as a general tonic, improved energy, rejuvenating, a sexual tonic and as a general cure-all for many types of illnesses.
Suma has been used as an aphrodisiac, a calming agent and to treat ulcers for at least 300 years. In herbal medicine throughout the world today, suma is considered a tonic and an adaptogen. The herbal definition of an adaptogen is a plant that increases the body's resistance to adverse influences by a wide range of physical, chemical and biochemical factors and has a normalising or restorative effect on the body as a whole.
It is taken to stimulate circulation, increase oestrogen production, balance blood sugar levels, enhance the immune system, strengthen the muscular system and to enhance memory. It has been documented to contain a significant amount of plant sterols including beta-ecdysterone and small amounts of stigma-sterol and beta-sitosterol. These sterols might have estrogenic properties or activities and / or cause an increase in oestrogen production as this plant has been used traditionally to regulate menstrual processes as well as to treat adverse menopause symptoms, PMS and other hormonal disorderds.

Dong Quai: Angelica sinensis. A well known herb known for it's actions as a hormone regulator, anti-spasmodic, analgesic (mild), blood purifier, circulatory stimulant and nutritive. Called the ‘female ginseng’.
This is the most popular 'Female' herb in the Far East. Covers a wide range of female disorders e.g. Amenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea, Menopause, Premenstural Syndrome (PMS / PMT), Infertility, cramps, hypothermia, sleeplessness, nerve debility, high blood pressure, asthma, hay fever, osteoporosis and anaemia (particularly in Asian women).
Avoid in pregnancy.

Wild Yam: Dioscorea Villosa . Helps to rebalance the female sex hormones. It is known to restore libido, regulates menstrual cycle, relieves spasms, helps with irregular periods, ovarian and uterine pains, cleanses liver, reduces cholesterol in the blood, has a soothing effect on intestines and useful in the treatment of IBS. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Wild Yam was used to treat menstrual cramps and problems related to childbirth.
The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia recognises Wild Yam root as a spasmolytic, mild diaphoretic, anti- inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and cholagogue and for use in the treatment of intestinal colic, diverticulitis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular rheumatism, cramps, intermittent claudication (leg clots), cholecystitis, dysmenorrhea along with ovarian and uterine pain.

Evening Primrose Oil: Oenothera. A natural plant oil used to relieve pre-menstrual syndrome, eczema and arthritis. Helps to thin the blood and dilate blood vessels.
The oil is rich in the Omega 6 fatty acid called Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). This substance stimulates the body to produce prostagladins.
Prostagladins are a group of hormones responsible for regulating many cellular activities including inflammation and regulating hormones.

Mexican Yam Extract (10:1): Dioscorea mexicana. Mexican yam or barbasco de placa is a species of yam in the genus Dioscorea. It is notable for its production of diosgenin (which is a sapogenin chemical very similar to cholesterol, progesterone and DHEA - the precursor to testosterone), which is a precursor for the synthesis of hormones such as progesterone. This plant actually led to the viable development of markets for HRT
and the birth control pill.
Leading herbal practitioners recommend it as a hormone balancer, making it the cornerstone in the treatment of menopausal symptoms and has many other uses such as for: lack of libido, regulates
menstrual cycle, help to relieve spasms pains, ovarian and uterine pains, cleanses liver, reduces cholesterol in the blood, has a soothing effect on intestines and used in treatment of IBS.

Agnus Castus: Vitex agnus-castus. This herb has a hormonal effect on the body - know as the ‘female hormone balancer’. The main affect being to significantly increase progesterone levels in women while regulating oestrogen levels. Agnus castus is extremely helpful for women suffering from PMS and menopausal symptoms.
It helps to ease breast swelling and tenderness, bloating, irritability and depression. It also promotes regular periods and reduces migraines and acne. Also has relaxing & calming effects.
Is very effective during the menopause and following withdrawal of HRT (to offset the rebound side effects).

Black Cohosh: Actaea racemosa. The root improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure and body temperature by dilating blood vessels and increasing peripheral circulation. It is a central nervous system depressant. One of the uses for black cohosh is for relief of ringing in the ears. The Native Americans knew that it encouraged uterine contractions and used it to facilitate labour. It is also used to reduce the inflammation and muscular pain of rheumatism and inflammatory arthritis, especially when it is associated with the menopause. Useful to treat problems of the respiratory system.
Chinese physicians use it along with other herbs to treat some gynaecological problems.
Black cohosh has estrogenic effects - meaning it acts like the female sex hormone oestrogen. Traditionally used for menstrual complaints. It is thought to reduce levels of pituitary luteinizing hormone, thereby decreasing the ovaries' production of progesterone. Black cohosh is used to optimise estrogen levels perhaps by competing with estrogen receptor sites when estrogen is overabundant but may promote estrogen production when estrogen is low.
It is the prime women's tonic for any uterine condition involving inflammation, pain, or low estrogen. It promotes fertility and softens the impact of menopause. Using black cohosh during menopause can reduce intensity and frequency of hot flashes, support and ease the body's changes.

Red Clover: Trifolium pratense. A plant used to relieve the symptoms of the menopause. This plant contains high levels of isoflavones especially genistein and diadzein. These are nutrients that can also be found in soy and the kudzu root.
Isoflavones display oestrogen-like properties and have a positive effect on the overall health and well being in women, especially if she is oestrogen deficient such as during the menopause. They also have powerful antioxidant properties.
Red clover relieves hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety and mild depression. Helps to maintain cardiovascular health. Due to its coumarin derivatives, it should be used with caution in individuals with coagulation disorders or currently undergoing anticoagulation therapy.

Sage Leaf: Salvia officinalis. Commonly used in cooking but is also a valuable medicinal herb, especially during the menopause due to it’s oestrogenic properties. Helps to reduce excessive sweating, night sweats, hot flashes, anxiety and nervousness.
Sage also has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties and is used in mouth wash formulas.

Siberian Ginseng: Eleutherococcus senticosus. This is the strongest form of Ginseng and known as an adaptogen.
Shown to help increase endurance & energy levels, memory improvement, immune system support, anti-inflammatory, anti- viral, aphrodisiac, tonic, adrenal hormone stimulant.
Is also used by sports people and anyone facing high levels of physical or mental stress as it helps to reduce fatigue - an ideal energy booster for menopausal women.

Additional Information

beneficial Excipients: None.
beneficial Disintegration Time: Within 10 minutes.
beneficial Capsule: Size 0 - vegetable cellulose.
beneficial Contains NO: Gluten, Wheat, Lactose, Added Sugar, Artificial Colours or Yeast.
beneficial Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans


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